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Madden NFL 17 Mega Guide: Making Gold Coins Faster, Unlimited Draft Picks, Ultimate Team Top Players

EA Tiburon and EA Sports’ Madden NFL 17  is now available and we have a complete guide for the same. Using this guide you will be […]

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Tech Analysis: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison

It’s been close to five years since the last Deus Ex game came out. A lot has changed since then. Technologies have been updated, most […]

Your First Look at Dark Souls III's DLC Is Delicious

To die for Is this winning streak that From Software’s on ever going to end? Just when we thought that we were done with Dark […]

PlayStation Plus Price Won't Increase in Europe

That’s a Plus Fresh from the news that PlayStation Plus will cost a little more in North America starting 22nd September, Sony has told Game […]

Come watch 8 minutes of Resident Evil 4 PS4/Xbox One gameplay

Resident Evil 4 is going to beat Tetris for the most re-released game of all time if Capcom’s not careful

The Witness is coming to Xbox One in September

The Witness has almost finished enough slidey line puzzles to unlock its Xbox One version

PS4 comes to PC with PlayStation Now and USB wireless controller receiver

If you’re the type who plays on PC as well as PS4, you’re gonna be pleased with this news: Sony has announced that you’ll soon […]

Watch the Fallout 4: Nuka-World DLC gameplay debut stream right here

Saying goodbye to Fallout 4 Season Pass DLC may be bitter, but Bethesda’s Nuka-World debut stream should be sugary sweet (and more than a little […]

Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel adds new weapons, magic, and a PvP arena on October 25

Come October 25, it’ll be time to light the bonfires again and experience the first Dark Souls 3 DLC, Ashes of Ariandel

Here's everything we know about PS4 Slim, and an unboxing video

Sony still hasn’t officially announced a new PS4 Slim model, but we already know a whole lot about it

New Thor: Ragnarok set photos have Anthony Hopkins rocking a hobo look

At the end of Thor: The Dark World it was revealed that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is impersonating Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Odin on the throne of […]

Pokemon Go will have a real pokeball to throw if this Kickstarter has its way

Pokemon Go may be the closest we ever come to living out the fantasy of being actual Pokemon trainers, but it’s still missing what one […]

Avengers: Infinity War directors hint at a new "beginning" for the MCU

For a while now the Russo Brothers have teased that Avengers: Infinity War will be the culmination of everything that’s happened in the Marvel Cinematic […]

This official Xbox Onesie may or may not actually be a thing

[Checks calendar] And it’s definitely not April? Oookay then

Destiny: Rise of Iron – take look at all of the new Artifacts in this video

Here’s a look at the Artifacts coming to Destiny: Rise of Iron. The video takes a look at all of the new Artifacts being used […]

Have a look at Resident Evil 4 gameplay on PS4 and Xbox One

Two videos showing the current-gen re-releases of Resident Evil 4 have been posted by the official Biohazard YouTube channel. The first video shows gameplay from […]